What do banana bread and customer service have in common? Nothing really, except that I received fantastic customer service last week from KitchenAid and it sparked me to want to make banana bread with my stand mixer.

Let’s start with the banana bread though because it’s tastier.

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread | Secret Life of D

I tried a new recipe and to be honest it was ok. I’m not sure it’s entirely the recipe’s fault though. Since moving to Boulder (read – high altitude), I am having a heck of a time baking! Cooking has not been a problem, but baking…yikes! I’m not the most experienced baker, but I know my way around a cookie and my cakes are not half bad either.

Here’s the recipe:

Banana Bread Recipe | Secret Life of DEven though the recipe says you do not need a mixer, I went ahead and used my KitchenAid stand mixer anyway. We got it as a wedding gift back in January and I was not able to use it until this past month! It was the one gift on our registry I was super excited about so I was really sad when we had to put it in the storage unit.

How to make banana bread | Secret Life of D

This was a simple recipe, so I added chocolate chips for a more flavorful bread. However, since it did not make very much batter it did not need an entire hour to bake. The bread rose properly, but I think I over cooked it just a bit. However, once I added a little butter to it, I served it for an afternoon snack and it didn’t get any complaints. :-)

How to make banana bread | Secret Life of D

Now on to the customer service part of this story…

B & I had an at home reception in April and received the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment as a wedding gift. Since my stand mixer was in storage, I did not open the ice cream maker until we moved into our new apartment at the beginning of August. Bummer part was, the seal on the top part of the bowl must have been loose and some of the freezer goop had oozed out. I called the customer service number in the packet and after a few simple questions, the customer service rep said they would send another one out right away. How is that for customer service!?! No need for a receipt. No hoops to jump through. Just awesome service. I am so happy we chose to go with the KitchenAid on our registry and look forward to my many years as a happy customer. Oh yea, my replacement arrived this week and it’s in the freezer waiting for me to get the ingredients to make home-made ice cream (blog post coming soon).

P.S. This post was definitely not sponsored. I wish I had attracted the attention of KitchenAid already, maybe after this post, but not yet. The comments here are solely my opinion and experience. Cheers!

I’m linking here this week:

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4 comments on “Banana Bread & Customer Service

  1. Miranda on said:

    Well the recipe sounds great, hopefully you can figure out the whole altitude thing – sounds tricky. But at least you have a good atmosphere to try and figure it out in! Thanks for linking up to Fat Camp Friday. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, see you next time!

  2. Banana bread with chocolate chips is the best!!

  3. Sharonda on said:

    Nice post. Its realy nice. Many info help me.

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